How to Apply

Eligibility & Criteria

Eligible applicants include:

  • CISV charities (officials of the International Association (e.g. International Office, Governing Board), a National Association (NA itself or one of its Chapters), Promotional Association)
  • Official delegates to regional or international CISV activities/ conferences with endorsement of relevant CISV entity
  • PFT trustees for projects consistent with PFT’s objectives.


Trustees may approve grants for projects which are in line with PFT objectives and the purpose of the sub-fund, provided accumulated interest is available.

PFT does not finance operational expenses such as:

  • Committee administrative expenses
  • Hosting CISV official recognised activities in established National Associations e.g. Village, Interchange, Step Up, Seminar, IPP, Youth Meeting
  • Regular publications e.g. annual reports


There are 4 application deadlines per year. Any grant application received throughout the year will be processed by trustees at the next application deadline, except when the project/workshop has already started by that time.

Application receipt date:   Application decision latest by: 
 31 January  31 March
 31 May  31 July
 31 August  31 October
 31 October  31 December


The 2 months period will give time for PFT trustees to review, ask for clarifications and/or missing info, discuss and process the grant application before decisions are made. Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible, so trustees can review the application and check completeness. For complete, high quality applications the 2 month period may not be needed and the decision can be forwarded to the applicant earlier.

How to Apply

Please read all documents before applying to ensure that your project fits one of the specific sub-funds.

To apply for funding, please, download:

Please read all documents before applying to ensure that your project fits one of the specific sub-funds.

To apply for funding, please download:

1- Peace Fund General Information

Includes information about: trustees, officers, office and objectives of PFT.

2- Sub-Funds Information

Includes existing sub-funds,  the purpose they may sponsor and the PFT liaison to contact for further enquiries on application.

3- Grant Application Procedure

Describes our way of working and what information we need from applicants. Completed forms and any accompanying documents e.g. endorsements, budget information should be sent by e-mail so the liaison can distribute it easily to all PFT Trustees for their decision.

4- Grant Application Form

Form to be completed and sent to

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