Luis Lucena  and Tom Adarme resigned as peace fund trustees, we thank them for their contributions and we welcome Daniel Edelshaim  of CISV Canada as elected trustee.


Peace Fund Trustees elected Mona El Shibiny of CISV Egypt as Chair.  We thank Joe Banks for stepping in as Interim Chair during the last 6 months.


Peace Fund Trustees welcome Junko Imanishi of CISV Japan and Wijnand Dickhoff of CISV Netherlands as new Trustees.


Peace Fund Trustees elected Joseph Banks  to take on the role of Interim Chair. We thank Ignacio Cavero for all his contributions and leadership during the last 4 years  and Ben Uttley for his contribution to CISV International Peace Fund since September 2019.


Peace Fund Trustees welcome Luis Lucena of CISV Spain as a new CISV International Peace Fund Trustee.